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NO SHELLS! We do the hard work for you! “Hands-free Chilli Crab” for the crab lovers! 🦀 #ruyiandlyn #modernchinesecuisine #porkfree #chillicrab

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At Ruyi we don’t discriminate! Every hour is happy hour! Come join us for some ice cold beer! #ruyiandlyn #bar #modernchinesecuisine #happyhour..

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Why have just one when you can have them in pairs? Check out The Great Pairing Promo! All day! Everyday! 🤗🥃 #ruyiandlyn #bar #modernchinesecuisine..

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Sophistication found in our “Champagne Snow Fish Flower” 🥂 deep fried with Moet champagne sauce #ruyiandlyn #modernchinesecuisine #porkfree..

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It’s essential to munch when drinking! “French Fries Soda” is for you if you like to munch! Also on Mondays we do Omakase Cocktails for..

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Find beauty in our desserts the “Rainbow Bird’s Nest” in lemongrass infusion with basil seed and mixed fruits is the secret to good food..

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Who’s craving some braised beef brisket? “Flames of Glory” will satisfy that craving of yours! 🤗🥢 #ruyiandlyn #modernchinesecuisine..

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“Polka Dot Nemo” A fun tapas to start off your dinner! Bite size sweet chilli snow fish on crispy sago! #ruyiandlyn #modernchinesecuisine#porkfree

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Our multi-award winning “The Prince & The Pauper” – Seared foie gras on caramelised watermelon.

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Get yourself a cheeky cocktail on a Wednesday evening! “Rhubbie & Tang” a gin based favourite! Check out our cocktail menu today #ruyiandlyn..

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