Our Story
A modern Chinese restaurant perched on the top floor of Bangsar Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur; with over 22,000 sq feet of space, we are no ordinary restaurant. It’s huge. It’s a dream.

RUYI represents a heartfelt desire of the good life. LYN is an acronym for Link Your Network: our dream of bringing people together – of all races, gender, religion, social backgrounds and nationalities.

As you enter our dining room, you are bound to be awed by a larger than life window to the world. As you savor every taste of our melting pot of cultural ingredients- your senses are compelled; you listen to distant sounds as you gaze through a global panorama of moving visuals. You feel inspired, you believe you are able to be a part of what seems to be a fun, fulfilling and delicious world.

RUYI & LYN are born out of differences- but yet we believe that nothing brings us closer than good food and a good party. That’s the good life.

Let inspiration and innovation bring us all together.